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1st-Oct-2010 02:02 pm
October 1st is today. October fucking 1st.

I don't know about you, but I pretty much just stay content/unenthused from January 1st to September 30th every year. But on October 1st, that's when my mood really starts to pick up. Because, really. You have Halloween to look forward to, and then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. Best succession of months ever or best succession of months ever?

This weekend, I think I'll go shop (window-shop, at least) for some Halloween costumes. I already have mine picked out this year from the anime convention, but you know what? I kind of want to go as a gangster moll this year, since I didn't get to two years ago. And yes, at 19, I still dress up for Halloween, haha.

Also, speaking of gangsters, I have a mini-rant to make. Usually, The Godfather or any of its sequels play at least once on any channel in any given time. SO WHY HASN'T IT BEEN ON IN FOREVER... I have it on Blu-Ray and DVD, but nothing beats watching it on cable television when it's censored hilariously and scarfing down a plate of pasta and veal. Oh well, at least I have Boardwalk Empire to satisfy my gang-related cravings.

Also, Robin, since it's October YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS...SAW!
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