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28th-Sep-2010 09:00 pm
Harley Quinn
So I had an endoscopy done today.


I was nervous as FUCK since I've not had anesthesia since my tonsils were taken out like 12 years ago, and plus I didn't really know if they'd just sedate me a little or put me out. The last thing I remember was getting an I.V. put in and the doctor told me to roll over on my side, and then -BAM- I woke up to a nice, cold glass of Sprite and my mom coming into the room. What's the best is that the doctor told me he didn't believe I had Celiac disease after all like they had originally thought! SO I'M GONNA GO NOM ON SOME PRETZELS THIS WEEKEND LOLOLOL.

Also, I went to Cincinatti last weekend. Shit was so cash. I've never been to a city so far north before, and to be honest, I really loved it. It was just for the weekend, mainly for the Oklahoma vs. Cincinatti football game (I personally am not a fan of football, however, I tagged along with my parents.) But still, the architecture, the smell of Autumn, etc. made me giddy, haha. Also, the hotel we stayed in was SO NICE. The pool was at the very top, too. I didn't get to swim, but went up there anyway since it was night and you could see the skyline. It was amazing, and I can't wait to go back.
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