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Writer's Block: A rose by any other name 
9th-Jun-2010 04:30 pm
Do you like your birth name? If you had the opportunity to change it, would you? What new name would you choose?

Hell yeah I like my name! Micah is pretty uncommon, especially for girls, and I used to hate that but now that I'm older, I enjoy it. Also, it's Hebrew, so it sounds pretty hot. x) If I had to change my name, though, I'd probably change to my middle name, Hope.
10th-Jun-2010 03:11 am (UTC)
Yea lol every time I talk about you in real life people always think your gay cos they think I'm talking about a boy ROFL. Well they think your gay because of that "HONEY, her pant size is FUCK that's BIG!".

N' we all know you'd change 'Hope' to 'Nop'!
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